Festive Offer

  • In case of a cancellation, the customer will not be eligible for this offer.
  • The offer is not valid in case of a return.
  • Offer applicable on selected products only
  • Coupons valid for only 45 days, post issue.

New Season Merchandise

No Promotions / Vouchers shall apply on the new season merchandise

Promotional, Group & Employee Discount Vouchers on Estilocus

During any special offers – any or all types of Promotional / Group / Employee Discounts may not apply
Any offers or promotions may be withdrawn without any prior intimation. estilocus.com management will not be responsible for non-applicability of any advertised promotions, at any given time.

Target offer or coupon cannot be combined with any other Offers.
In case of Returns / Refunds – for purchases where free gifts or items that have not been charged – were a part of the Order :

All items including the free gifts / items that have not been charged need to be returned in order to claim the refund for the entire amount paid. In case the free gift or items that have not been charged are not returned – a full refund shall not be issued.

There may be a prorated deduction of the value of the free gift or item not charged to calculate the refund in case the free gift / Item not charged have not been returned.

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