Last year was mostly about loosening up the dress codes as far as men’s fashion was concerned. And the pants and trousers that rolled out in 2019 were the ones that celebrated it the most. It was the year that all those comfy loose cuts that had been making some noises in fashion fringes, finally made a collective presence at the mainstream. From baggy jeans to oversized tailored pants to even loose plaid pants, comfortable clothing has definitely made a point last year.

Slim-fit and spray-on leg wear seem to have disappeared almost entirely if you can count on Instagram fashionistas. We are pretty sure that with just a little pattern mixes and texture variations, loose cuts are here to stay- for the next couple of years, if not last the entire decade.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular loose cut pants that have made life so much more comfortable for men.

Baggy pants were brought back into the mainstream fashion once again in 2019. As the name would suggest, pants or even jeans for that matter that sport the baggy cuts gained even more popularity as compared to the last time they resurfaced in 2017. So while stepping out in your baggies in 2020, the only thing you need to worry about is looking ‘oh-too-casual’, because these babies are all about laidback attitude. But always be careful not to take it as an excuse to look lazy in your overall look.

Another street wear that continues to gain popularity since the last decade is the cargo pants. These practical trousers, which were made originally in the 1930s for the military, are designed to be extremely durable and perfect for outdoor activities. In other words, these are not to be ever confused for a typical work day outfit. If all the roominess and easement is not reason enough for you to pick this one out for your weekend, the extra-large pockets are a great incentive. Afterall, one can never have too many pockets, wouldn’t you agree?
Enough about the casual looks that grabbed attention last year. Now moving on to the formal ones, we saw the loose plaid pants making quite a statement. And looks like they may hang around for sometime. While the length of these pants have varied from barely brushing the ankles to sweeping the dust off your heels, there seems to have been a general consensus about pants needing a sleek, straight and plaided nature. The dress pants or suit pants that had for years stolen the glamour space among pants, seem to have finally moved a tad bit aside making way for these comfortable styles.