One of the most stylish combinations that mushroomed in the year 2019 was that of well-tailored Suits with snug knitwear. This was one that caught the attention and held the hearts of both young and old alike, probably because it was a perfect way to look elegant and classy while feeling warm and comfortable at the same time.

Stuffy shirts were replaced with roll neck sweaters or fisherman beanies that managed to take all focus away from the suits that were loosely worn. It was a perfect style statement for the modern men who had long ago ditched uncomfortably tailored suits regardless of its radiating elegance. We feel that this trend is sure to spill over to 2020 without so much as a question as it has made its mark on two counts – texture and layering, both important pillars of advanced dressing.

Suits are often referred to as the ‘necessary evil’ in the professional and social circles as far as comfort and flexibility is concerned. But like all such evils, the authority and style that radiates from it cannot be discounted or even be compared to any other outfit that a man can flaunt. Be it the plain blue or grey two-button work suits or the loosely clad summer suits, the charm it carries is intoxicating.
But suppose you want to tone down the seriousness and infuse a little bit of comfort and ease of movement? Enter snug Knitwears.

Rollneck jumpers made a comeback last year and to everybody’s surprise appeared perfectly classy underneath the style cut suits. Together, the combination managed to pull off looks that implied subtle pride, boyish charm and not to forget warmth. The trend caught fire so much so that roll necks became the knitwear must-have for the season.

If the Northward creeping necklines are not your thing, you can always adopt Merino Crew Neck shirts, often described as the ‘hero’ of men’s fashion. The un-showy jumper that comes in merino wool stands out effortlessly because of its soft, fine fibres that give the material the shine and breathability. Slotting perfectly between blazer and shirt, these also work solo with tailored trousers or slim-fit jeans.
The cable knit jumpers or the fishermen’s beanies also made a mark among the suit mongers of men’s fashion world. There is something casually comforting about bold, crisscrossing knits peeking unceremoniously from between slightly loose and unstructured open jackets of the summer suit. And this style managed to gain popularity among the young and old.

So while in 2019 we learned that it was good to pair knit wears with suits, we are sure that 2020 would show us just how many different looks can be achieved from this unusual wardrobe combination.