If you were under the impression that men’s fashion was restricted to mostly just shirts and pants, you could not have been more wrong. 2019 was the year that saw men’s accessories taking just as much space among fashion tables as the women’s. So no prizes for guessing that the accessory that clinched the deal was the one that added a quirky new stylish edge to men’s fashion while aiding convenience. The Sling Bags are in and this time they are firmly rooted to stay a while. The idea of slings was one that was much debated and questioned by men who prefer backpacks and totes. But hands free bags ‘are always a good idea.’ And Pinterest searches can stand testimonial to the fact that the element of practicality that slings carry has definitely made its point across the last year with ‘sling bag’ searches going up more than a 1000 per cent!

If that doesn’t give you the confidence to wear your sling bag the next time you step out in 2020, here are some facts we bet you can’t help but agree with.

Size matters

Men like their bags to be the right size, ‘Not too big, not too small.’ Unlike the more widely accepted bum bags which are way too tiny to hold anything more than a wallet, a pen and passport, sling bags provide the luxury of space to carry enough items for an entire day outdoors, while not looking too heavy or bulky.

Fits snugly

One of the most comforting things about sling bags are the way they fit snugly, mostly crossbody. Some bags even have the option of being worn on the front or back of the body, without coming in the way of any activity you might be involved in, sometimes even making you forget that you are wearing one. And not to mention, these bags that are out in the market today look stylish and sleek and nothing like their ancestors from early 2000s.

Priced reasonably

If you are under the impression that only the designer bags can look as elegant and stylish as we are trying to tell you here, boy, we’ve got news for you. Sling bags that are equally classy and convenient to carry are available at almost all the major stores in your city and are priced very reasonably too. You can always get those pricey designer ones if you fancy them enough, but that is not mandatory if you’re the kind that is concerned more about the wallet that goes into the bag. There are many affordable options available in the market, and those which are not too expensive or too cheap. You can get a high-quality textile or leather bag at a very reasonable price and be on trend.